Trouble Shooting

Trouble Shooting Procedure for Power Circuits


✓  No voltage is obtained at the output of the charger.
  • Disconnect the output load circuits and switch ‘ON’ input isolator.
  • ✓  Are Input Indicating Lamps glowing?
    NO YES
    Is AC supply voltage available? Is AC voltage available at the input of the rectifier bridge ?
    Check for input supply failure Check the lamp ballast resistance (R) and lamps Check AC contactors Check Thyristors / diode by measuring the Anode – Cathode resistance
    Check the possible fault which could be an earth fault or short circuit in the Charger.   If even after energizing the Contactor no output results then check the transformer secondary voltage. b) Check the electronic control circuit provided for automatic operations.
        If secondary voltage is okay then check the semiconductor protection fuses. Auto/Manual selector is selected in Manual Mode and potentiometers are kept in minimum position. Adjust potentiometers.