Battery Health Monitoring System (BHMS/BMS)

Standby battery bank in power utilities or process industries or data centres or in any mission critical application plays an extremely important role. It is the last line of defence in its electrical protection system and any malfunction of the battery at the time of emergency may result in a catastrophic disaster. It is therefore absolutely essential to keep track of the condition of the battery on a real time basis and take precautionary measure well in advance in case any cell in the battery bank is found to be developing any weakness. While many system are tried out in the industry, no mechanism / process is proved to have given fool- proof and reliable solution. This is essentially due to inadequate understanding of the behavior of a standby battery bank under different service and charging / discharging conditions. Chloride BMS addresses this age-old issue with the most reliable solution. Chloride Battery Health Monitoring System is getting popular everyday among industrial users because of its reliability and user friendly features.Recently TATA Steel and WBSETCL has commissioned Chloride BHMS for standby batteries in their substation.

Chloride BHMS is a microcontroller based device which continuously monitors and checks the trend of individual cells in a battery bank. It is connected to each and every cell through suitable interconnecting wires. It measures individual cell voltage periodically. It also has the option of both manual and auto scanning. Chloride BHMS captures various parameters like voltage, charging / discharging current, temperature of both the battery room as well as any two cells and on an on-going basis, stores these data in a suitable memory, uses an intelligent built-in software to analyze the data to ascertain the trend of individual cells and identifies the weak cell, if any. Battery bank condition can be monitored from any place through a SMS on mobile phone. The fault information in the battery bank can be sent to any pre-decided mobile number.


✓ Microcontroller based device continuously monitors and checks the trend of individual cells
✓ Identify weak cells and enables the user to take corrective action
✓ Connected with every cell in a battery through suitable interconnecting wires
✓ Generates audio visual alarm when a cell found week
✓ Measured cell voltage can be seen on the display LCD
✓ Weak cell numbers also available on LCD at BMS panel
✓ Battery charging and discharging current displayed on LCD
✓ Average cell voltage displayed on LCD
✓ Ambient temperature of the battery room displayed on LCD
✓ Remote connection with PC thru RS 485 link using software
✓ Ideal for standby battery banks in Power Plants, Substations, Steel plants, Refineries, Chemical and
    Fertilizer industries, Data centres, and any process industry.

Application Area

✓ Power Plants & Substations.
✓ Office Automation Equipment etc.
✓ Steel Plants.
✓ Refineries,Chemical and Fertilizers Industries.
✓ Any Process Industries.
✓ Telecommunication
✓ Railways