Smart Charge

Smart Charge is the latest Charger from Chloride that is easy to install, commission and service.It is flexible and has two dedicated converters that can operate in both auto and manual mode.The control operation is done by Automatic Voltage/Current Control Module which programs a logic using micro-controller.Smart Charge is equipped with output Voltmeter and Ammeter.As an option,LCD display can also be fitted in place of meters.


✓ Portable microcontroller based thyristor controlled battery charger.
✓ Two dedicated converter for auto and manual mode.
✓ Microcontroller based charger.
✓ Suitable for all types of VRLA and Flooded battery.
✓ Portable, light weight.
✓ Soft start feature.
✓ Used in Charging of battery bank for DG sets, Distribution substation, Charging of battery bank for DG sets.