Home Charge

Chloride Home Charge is a compact and user friendly portable charger for inverter and automotive batteries. It is suitable for 12V system and operates on constant current constant voltage (CCCV) mode. Initially it charges the battery at constant current mode at 10A/9.4A. When the battery reaches 15V/16V, the charger automatically switches to constant voltage mode and continues the charging. It takes about 24 hours to recharge a completely discharged battery.

This user friendly portable charger is equipped with a smart LCD display screen to indicate charging voltage, charging current, duration of charging and total Ah input.It also has some visual indications which enable the user to understand the functioning of the equipment.

Home Charge is an excellent tool to revive deep discharged and even almost impossible-to-recover 12V flooded batteries used for inverter and automotive application. It is also ideal for charging 12V batteries which have got low open circuit voltage (OCV) due to deep discharge or remaining in idle condition for a prolonged period of time. Domestic inverter and automotive battery users and dealers can now breathe a big sigh of relief.


✓ Easy and fast charging of car/inverter battery in case of insufficient/improper charging of the system.
✓ Portable, light weight and compact size.
✓ Charger with SMPS controller
✓ For 12V inverter/automotive batteries
✓ Ratings - 15V/10 A , 16V/9.4A , 16.5V/ 10A
✓ Intelligent charging profile.
✓ Easy trouble shooting due to robust design and simple circuit.
✓ Improved customer satisfaction-by getting real time battery information, end user can take corrective action if necessary.