Flexi Charger

Chloride Flexi Charger is a user friendly, light weight and portable equipment suitable for charging up to 4 sets 12V lead acid batteries simultaneously. This is a micro controller based SMPS charger and can charge from 1 to 4 sets of 12V lead acid battery. The user can connect any number of 12V battery (up to 4) and the charger fixes its charging voltage automatically through an intelligent selection procedure in-built in to the charger.Thus no manual selection is needed for the number of batteries connected with the charger. These chargers are ideal for charging automotive and inverter batteries at service stations and dealers’ premises.


✓ Microcontroller based charger suitable for charging 1 to 4 nos. (12 Volts) lead acid battery.
✓ Termination of charging Automatic.
✓ Capacity 48V/10 A.
✓ Output Voltage 10 V to 66 V.
✓ Fast charging of 12 V Battery.
✓ Portable light weight.
✓ Suitable for charging 1 to 4 nos 12 V lead acid battery.