EBOPS or Emergency Board Operated Power Supply is an emergency service equipment mainly used in elevators. All the emergency services in the elevator (i.e. intercom,lights,fan,emergency alarm etc.) are connected to it. In case of normal AC supply all the emergency services of elevator connected to EBOPS operate from AC mains and the battery connected to it gets charged.If the AC mains power supply fails then EBOPS instantly switches to its battery operated backup power mode and powers all the equipment connected to it till the main power is restored or the battery gets fully exhausted. Chloride offers an EBOPS that has a pure sine wave output. It also has a safe maintenance mode which makes the equipment available for maintenance.In this mode it transfers the entire connected load directly to mains powers/ supply by-passing the equipment.It is suitable for both Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery (VRLA) and non-VRLA Batteries.


✓ Emergency hot standby backup power supply system for elevators.
✓ Fully automatic operation.
✓ Portable, light-weight & compact size.
✓ Instantly switches to its Battery operated backup power mode if the AC main power supply fails.
✓ Suitable for VRLA and non VRLA batteries.
✓ Batteries are housed in EBOPS- no extra space required.
✓ EBOPS is designed for 24/12 V DC/ 130 watt.
✓ Battery charging current maximum 4A.
✓ Used in back up power supply of Elevators in case of AC main power supply failure.