E-Rickshaw Charger

Chloride make E-Rickshaw charger comes in both Transformer based and SMPS based versions.It ensures easy, fast and optimum charging of the e-rickshaw battery within minimal time.Proper charging enable the user to get longer back up from the e-rickshaw battery and also enhances its useful service life. Taper charging profile of the charger coupled with in-built timers eliminates any possibility of overcharging.While transformer based model is best suited for abusive environment (poor quality of input power, high ambient temperature etc.), the SMPS model is light weight and compact.


✓ Taper charging profile.
✓ Inbuilt timers for ensuring automatic termination of charging.
✓ No separate external voltage stabiliser is required
✓ Superior voltage regulation.
✓ Transformer based design.
✓ Robust and reliable.
✓ Easy, fast and optimum charging of battery.
✓ Compact and portable.
✓ Eliminates any possibility of overcharging.
✓ Galvanic Isolation.
✓ High Safety.
✓ Easy to Handle.
✓ Used for Charging of battery bank for E-Rickshaw charger.