BMS Implementation at Tata Steel & WBSETCL

Chloride BMS is getting popular everyday among industrial users because of its reliability and user friendly features.Recently,TATA Steel and WBSETCL has commisioned chloride BMS for standby batteries in their substation.Chloride installed Battery Monitoring System(BMS) at Tata Steel and also received various orders from WBSETCL for same.The BMS at Tata Steel is running satisfactorily and we are going to install BMS at different substation of WBSETCL.
It is a microcontroller based device which continuously monitors and checks the trend of individual cells in a battery bank.It is connected to each and every cell through suitable interconnecting wires. BMS measures individual cell voltage periodically. It also has the option of both manual and auto scanning. Chloride BMS captures various parameters like voltage, current, cell temperature,ambient temperature etc on an on-going basis, stores this data in a suitable memory and uses an intelligent software to analyze the data to ascertain the trend of individual cells.